Technical Group

Was formed to coordinate the efforts of all the independent cost centers, business partners, and associated companies.  The strength of Technical Group is the ability to share resources, information, investment opportunities, engineering/designs, and field service personnel for the benefit of our customers worldwide.    

Technical Group SETS the guidelines for the operation of each company in accordance to our core principles: “The fulfilment of professional careers of each and every member of the organization, encouraging personal growth and enabling them to pursue happiness supported by a simple and a practical management system”.    

Our mission is to provide flexibility, speed, and experienced personnel with capable manufacturing facilities covering the complete spectrum of services for the process refrigeration, gas compression, system integration for the oil & gas, LNG/ LPG, petrochemical, chemical, air reparation, fertilizers and related industries.    

Commitment, dedication, and high ethical standards are the basis of operation of all the companies under Technical Group; safety and quality are our top priorities and are never compromised.   


Individually we are effective, together we are strong and effective.